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Online Education

Founded in 2015, Ellure Intelligence Club Limited (eiClub) was established to transform the business service sector. Headquartered in Kingston, Jamaica, the company operates a rapidly growing online service center that connects customers with experienced professionals across a wide range of industries.

Professional Services

We understand the needs of our customers and the challenges that come with simple tasks such as hiring a reliable plumber or a honest housekeeper. You typically spend hours trying to find the right professional for the job and end dissatisfied. Eiclub Professional Services connects you with an extensive list of qualified professionals who have been vetted to ensure that you are getting the best service.

At eiClub, we’re building more than a product. We’re building local economies and stronger communities. Leveling the playing field so even the smallest of businesses has a fair shot at success.


Ilearn Education Club

Ellure Intelligence Club Limited launched ILearn Education Club as a part of our mission to transform the Jamaican education system. We aim to completely  revolutionize the learning process. In the age of technology, students must be equipped to excel in this rapidly changing world. That is why we offer state of the art online programs that not only produce better exam results, but also help students discover their potential.

ILearn Education Club prepares students for most local exams including PEP and CXC exams. We are committed to the development of Jamaican children through  education and parenting support. Our mission is to increase university enrolment by providing quality education services.

Our programs use a new and exciting approach that produces exceptional results.  The program uses hundreds of videos and worksheets, coupled with fun, live and  interactive sessions to create a unique learning experience. We use only the most interesting videos with content that is consistent with the Ministry of Education guidelines. This helps to stimulate interest and produce better exam results.