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Online Education

Ellure Intelligence Club Limited (EIClub) is a multifaceted membership shopping company. EIClub is a limited liability company with registered address in Kingston, Jamaica. The company provides affordable consumer products along with maintenance and education services to create value to our customers. Quality consumer products are available through a combination of our online store and a physical retail space.

Though, our store is located in Kingston, we are able to serve all fourteen parishes through a complex distribution channel. This allows customers from rural areas such as Spalding or Buff Bay to access product that are not available in their local area. In addition, EIClub operates two wholly owned subsidiaries; EIClub Pro Services and ILearn Education Club. 

EIClub Pro Services connect clients with qualified professionals and contractors across Jamaica. Our aim is to simplify the process of hiring a contractor for all your projects, from hiring a daily housekeeper to building your dream home. The list of services includes commercial cleaning, home repair, construction, etc. 

ILearn Education club provides an exceptional online tutoring program to PEP students. With students across Jamaica, ILearn Education Club is poised to become a market leader in online tutoring. We use a unique strategy that combines educational videos, worksheets and live online classes to improve performance. ILearn Education Club also publishes books for primary school students. The PEP Ability Test Workbook Level 1 and 2, PEP Science for Grade 6 and PEP Creative Expression-Writing Skills are currently being used in schools across the country and is now available in Kingston Bookshop.